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Rules & Regulations

  • Only one student is allowed for each admission. If any student tries to share the class id/password with any unadmitted student, his/her
    admission will be immediately terminated.
  • Students must attend the classes mindfully and maintain minimum decency. Any indecent activity or approach will be considered as
    cyber crime under ICT Act Bangladesh.
  • internet connection and use of device is student's responsibility. We would recommend a stable internet connection and a
    laptop/tab for receiving better service.
  • Any misuse/distribution of our materials to another person may be subject to copyright.
  • Students are strongly recommended to sincerely pursue studies and maintain overall academic standards of the institute.
  • Students are required to attend classes on time and with due sincerity. Teachers and Authority reserve the right to take any necessary step to maintain / restore the overall discipline in classroom and institute premises.
  • Authority reserves the right to send report(s) to parents / guardians on student's class attendance / performance and / or test scores upon request.
  • Admission is irrevocable and non-transferable under any circumstance.
  • Students are encouraged to attend classes of the batch the student has registered in. Right to attend classes is limited to and binded by the number of classes of the program.
  • Batch/Branch change is not allowed. So, please take time to decide on your desired batch and branch.