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Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

The question patterns of the admission tests for IBA, DU (EMBA), NSU, MIST and BIBM are very similar. These examinations test the students on the skills of basic English and Mathematics. Testing questions on students’ General Knowledge and Analytical Ability are also present in some cases.

The English section contains questions on Basic Grammar, Vocabulary, Word Analogy, Reading Comprehension and Essay writing. Most questions in this segment follow the format and standard of the internationally popular English Proficiency tests, e. g. GMAT, GRE and TOEFL.

In the Mathematics section of these admission exams, questions on basic Algebra, Arithmetic, and basic Geometry, following the standard and content of SSC and GMAT (Reasoning Test), appear.

Questions on the students’ Analytical Ability are similar to that of former GMAT & GRE examinations. These questions test the students’ capabilities of reasoning and manipulating paradoxical situations that have practical or life-like contexts.

Mentors’ MBA Admission Test Program

The admission tests of Executive MBA(DU), MBA(NSU & other Private Universities) and MBM(BIBM) are almost of same pattern. Besides Banks, multinationals and renowned private companies conduce written selection tests that are primarily like that of the MBA admission test.

We have two types of preparation plan

1Regular CourseDuration: 4/5 months
2Crash CourseDuration: 2 months


IBA (Institute of Business Administration) was found in 1966 in collaboration with the Indiana University, Bloomington, USA and its MBA program has been widely recognized at home and abroad. MBA students have to complete 20 courses. A regular MBA student needs at least 4 semesters (2 years). While an Evening Program (part-time) student can take the opportunity of completing the courses within 8 years from the date of admission.
Total Courses and Duration
MBA students are required to complete a total of 20 courses in 4-6 semesters (2 to 8) to earn a MBA degree. A 3-month Internship has to be completed in an organization. The institute is well recognised abroad, students with good standing may transfer their credits to many reputed universities around the world.
Admission Test Contents
Mathematics (GMAT Standard), English Language and Communication (GMAT & GRE Standard), Aptitude and analytical ability (GMAT & GRE Standard).
Question pattern of IBA Admission Test:
Level 1:
Part 1: Multiple Choice Questions90 min
Section 1Language & Communication30 Qs
Section 2Mathematics30 Qs
Section 3Analytical Ability15 Qs
Part 2: Written Communication skill25 marks


Level 2:

Verbal & Non-verbal Communication skill10 min – 30 min


The Evening MBA Program (EMBA) was started under Business Studies Faculty in February 2002. At present 450-600 students are being admitted per.
DU enrolls EMBA student for each of its three semesters: March, July and November and conducts admission test before each semester.
Question pattern of EMBA Admission Test:
Total Time: 120 min
Section 1 English Language & Current Affairs 30 Qs
Section 2 Logical Reasoning, Critical analysis & Mathematics 25Qs
Section 3Writing Ability Test45 Mraks


The MBA program of the School of Business aims at developing managers and leaders of the 21st century. It is a flexible and career oriented program designed to meet the needs of the professionals in the computer world. The MBA program has been designed following the guidelines of the American (Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the highest accreditation body of body of business schools in USA. It is global, computer oriented, fast track, and competitively priced. The program is open to all College graduates. Classes are held four days a week (Sun-Wed) starting at 6 p.m. in the evening. The timing helps full-time professionals to attend the class.

NSU enrolls student for each of its three semesters: Fall (Sep-Dec), spring (Jan-April) and summer (May-Aug), and conducts admission test before each semester.

Question pattern of NSU Admission Test:
Section 1English 25 Qs20 min
Section 2English (Reading)20 Qs20 min
Section 3Data Sufficiency25 Qs25 min
Section 4Qty. Aptitude30 Qs40 min
Section 5 Writing01 Q20 min


Intake: Once in a year.
Course: 2 years.
Semester: 04.
BUP came into existence on 19 April 1998. All the academic programs of BUP are affiliated with the University of Dhaka. BUP follows the syllabus of IBA, DU for the MBA program. Minimum qualification required to apply for admission to MBA is a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in any field including business, engineering, agriculture or medicine. A student must have at least 8(eight) points calculated as below and having no 3rd division or class in his/her academic career. Admission test will be held in English out of total 100 marks. Subject wise distributions are, Mathematics (40 marks), English (30 marks) and General Aptitude (30 marks).
Classes of academic year normally start in the 1st week of January.
Admission Test Syllabus:
1. English Language & Communication 24 Marks
2.Mathematics40 Marks
3.GK & Current Affairs16 Marks
Total = 80 Marks


Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM) offers a two-year full time Masters in Bank Management (MBM) Program (affiliated with the National University), which comprises 6 terms. Each term has duration of 4 months. The MBM program is a professional postgraduate program for bank officers and others who plan career in banking and allied fields. MBM degree program required 78 credit hours of study.

BIBM is expecting to introduce Evening MBM Program from May 2006.

BIBM enrolls student for one semester in a year (Nov-Dec) and conducts admission test before each semester.

Question pattern of BIBM Admission Test:
Total Time: 150 min90 min for MCQ60 min for Writing
1 English Proficiency40 Marks
2Mathematics + Analytical50 Marks
3GK10 Marks
Total: 100 Marks

Writing Areas

Time: 60 min
1 Essay Writing15 Marks
2Reading Comprehension10 Mraks
3Translation into English10 Marks
4.Argument / Dialogue15 Marks
Total : 50 Marks

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