Private University

Private University

The question patterns of the admission tests for most Private Universities, e.g. NSU, EWU, BRAC, IUB, and AIUB are very similar. These examinations test the students on the skills of basic and intermediate English and basic Mathematics. Testing questions on students’ General Knowledge and Analytical Ability are also present in some cases.

The English section contains questions on Basic Grammar, Vocabulary, Word Analogy, Reading Comprehension and Essay writing. Most questions in this segment follow the format and standard of the internationally popular English Proficiency tests, e. g. IELTS and TOEFL. Also, questions of a higher difficulty level, especially the Word Analogy and Reading Comprehension questions, largely follow the standard and content of SAT-1 (Reasoning Test).

In the Mathematics section of these admission exams, questions on basic Algebra, Arithmetic, and basic Geometry, following the standard and content of SSC and SAT-1 (Reasoning Test), appear. Quizzes that test the students’ ability and promptness of Mathematical Reasoning are also found in this section.

General Knowledge questions concentrate on current national and international affairs and the socio-political history of the world. The number and scope of these questions are very limited, and, as statistics suggests, are predictable by the experienced faculties. Questions on the students’ Analytical Ability are similar to that of former GMAT examinations. These questions test the students’ capabilities of reasoning and manipulating paradoxical situations that have practical or life-like contexts.


NSU is the first and the largest private university (established in 1992) and has revolutionized the idea of higher studies in private initiatives. Patterned after North American universities, NSU enrolls student for each of its three semesters: Fall (Sep-Dec), spring (Jan-April) and summer (May-Aug), and conducts admission test before each semester. NSU allows direct enrollment of students who have secured minimum 550at TOFEL and 1200 at Sat-I or 5.5 at IELTS.

NSU admission test comprise of math and English. Math of SSC and SAT-I standard and English is of SAT-I, IELTS & High School Grammar standard. Successful student have to secure good marks in both the sections separately NSU offers preMATH or preENGLISH course for the student who fail to secure acceptable marks in any of the sections. Upon obtaining a minimum grade of C+ (75% marks) in the pre COURSE (s), student will be eligible for admission in NSU degree Program.



IUB, established in 19991 as a university college, started taking in university degree program student in the spring of 1993.

It offers 4-year undergraduate programmes in 12 disciplines under 3 schools: the School of Business (SoB), the school of Communication (SoC) and the School of Environmental science & Management (SESM). The forth school, the School of Liberal Arts and Science course for a liberal grounding of students. It has become the first privet university in Bangladesh to extend its teaching facilities to Chittagong in 1999. The undergraduate programs of study at IUB’s three schools lead to Honors degrees in BBA, BSS and BSc. IUB has collaborative agreements with a number of universities in Europe, United States and Asia.

IUB admission test comprises of Math, English and Basic Aptitude. Math is of SAT-I standard and English is of SAT-I, TOFEL& High School Grammar standard.



BRAC University, established by BRAC- the largest national NGO in the world, provides high quality education to meet the demands of the modern age. BRAC University is accredited by the university Grants Commission and approved by the Ministry of Educations, Governments of Bangladesh.

Student seeking admission to BU must pass an admission test. Students are tested on English, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and also essay type questions in English. Candidates seeking admission in B. Arch are tested hand drawing, too.

Minimum qualification for applying for admission test is at lest one first division and one second division in HSC and SSC. Undergraduate programs available in BU are: BSc in CSE & CSc, BBA, BSS (Eco), BA (Eng), B. Arch etc.



EWU- after being accorded permission by the Government was launched in 1996. Students seeking admission to EWU must pass an admission test. Students are tested on English language (structure, vocabulary, comprehension and composition) and Basic Mathematic. Those who want to study Computer Science & Engineering, Communication & Information Technology are required to have reasonable proficiency in SSC-level program Mathematic. Those who seek admission in BA (English) program are exempted from the math Test.

Minimum qualification for applying for admission test is at least first division and one second division in HSC and SSC. Undergraduate programs available in EWU are: BSC in CSE & CSc, BBA, BA (Eng), etc.


American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)

American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) is a non-profit, non-sectarian private university pioneering in quality computer based education. Since 1994, AIUB– Bangladesh is committed to excellence and innovation in computer-based education, discovery and application of knowledge through research and creative activities with the objective of producing professionals responsive to the needs of the community and the society.

AIUB has steadily grown to a position where it is widely accepted as a provider of quality education, particularly in the programs like CSE, EEE and BBA. IUB is also attracting quality teachers for improving teaching quality.

Today, AIUB houses nine(9) undergraduate programs and three(3) MBA programs with numerous majors and enrolls around 3800 students with 140 full time faculty members


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12,650 Regular Course, Crash Course 8,625
25% in Regular Course