MENTORS' Study Abroad
MBA Admission Test Preparation Guide (15th Edition)

The Mentors’ Guide Book for MBA Admission Tests has been targeted primarily to prepare and aid the admission seekers to the MBA programs at IBA, DU, MIST, BIBM, NSU, EWU, IUB and other public and private universities. This guide book covers, section by section, all the skills tested in the IBA and other standardized MBA Admission tests, and, also, answers and explanations to previous MBA (IBA) Admission test question papers. The practice exams included here are very effective in providing students a practically correct assessment of their level of aptitude. Aside from that, because of its developmental instructions, this book is particularly helpful for examinees of recruitment tests of banks and also the BCS.
BBA Admission Test Preparation Guide (10th Edition)

The BBA Admission Guide Book by Mentors’ Education is self-evidently the best preparation manual for BBA (IBA) admission test. This guide book covers, section by section, all the skills tested in the IBA and other standardized BBA Admission tests, and, also, answers and explanations to previous IBA BBA Admission test question papers. It is also ideal for the high-school graduates who are sitting for various aptitude tests (e. g. SAT, ACT etc.) and admission exams for various public university business faculties.
Private University Admission Test Preparation Guide (10th Edition)

The Mentors’ preparation guide focused on Private University admission tests (general, BBA) is equipped with section by section review of the skill sets needed for getting a place in the leading private universities e.g. NSU, EWU, AIUB, IUB etc. It also has solutions to previous years’ admission question papers and general instructions for scholastic aptitude development. It is available for all in approved bookstores.

IELTS Reading and Writing Book

The IELTS Reading and Writing Book of Mentors’ Education is an all-in-one solution for IELTS (Academic and General Training) examinees needing lessons on reading and writing in the English language. With numerous skill building lessons, 5 full-length practice exams, sample answers of real IELTS writing tasks, and plenty of other practice materials, it is a must-have IELTS preparation aid. Also, it is equipped with information related to immigration to overseas for education or residential purposes.
IELTS Speaking Interview Preparation Book

The book on the Speaking Test of IELTS by Mentors’ Education comes with numerous interview topics and sample audio feeds of IELTS interviews to provide its reader with an unmatched preparation for impressing interviewers not only at IELTS but also most other academic and professional environments. This book comes with audio feeds of sample IELTS Speaking interviews with tape script and sample IELTS “Queue Cards” that evidently liken with almost all of the recent IELTS interview questions.
Real IELTS Listening Practice Book

The additional IELTS Listening practice book, compiled of 10 real IELTS Listening tests, published by Mentors’ Education, is perhaps the most intimate look into the Listening section of IELTS. It has practice exams, which have been administered in the actual IELTS exam in the recent past, with complete audio feeds, tape scripts, contextual synopses, and instructional videos, which best equip the students for IELTS Listening test. This book, with CD, is currently available for all at approved bookstores.
IELTS Listening Work Book (in-house use only)

Mentors’ Listening work book for IELTS is loaded with instructions, practice materials, and sample listening exams, which are not only the most up-to-date but also the most student-friendly. It has been compiled from the most recent sources barely available locally. This book, with a CD full of audio feeds, is all that is needed for a comprehensive preparation for the IELTS listening test.
Foundation (in-house use only)

Foundation English has been made easy and friendly, effective and eloquent, and output oriented, in the book published by Mentors’ Education on English Language Basics. It is so effective that all the comprehensive grammar, writing, vocabulary, speaking lessons in it have syndicated in one concerted knowledge base of the English language. It makes the students speak and write at close to native level without creating excessive study load. Currently, it is only available, free of cost, to Mentors’ students.