Fact Sheet Australia

Capital City: Canberra
Largest City: Sydney & Melbourne
Population: 22, 692, 191 (BD-162, 221, 000)
Official Languages: English
Currency: Australian Dollar (AUD 1 = BDT 60.00)
Education System: Australian
Why study in Australia:
The Australia Education System has a Strong International Reputation. Qualifications Globally Recognised. Australia is one of the best places to live, English Widely Spoken, safe, friendly and harmonious Country.
Intakes: February, July and sometimes in November
When to apply: At least four months prior to class start date
Scholarship: Available
Institutions: Australia has approx 40 govt. Universities & many government funded & Private Institutes providing Vocational, Undergraduate, Post Graduate Program.
Part Time Work Facility: 40 hours per fortnight during program and full time during Christmas and New Year Vacation. The minimum wages paid per hour is AUD 18.9(approx).
Full Time Work Permit: After Two years of courses
Opportunity for Permanent Residency: Yes
Are dependents allowed to come along? : Yes