Take your Entrepreneurship Skills to Canada with the Federal Entrepreneur Program!

Being a land of opportunities, Canada is a highly popular immigration destination amongst people of all occupations, as well as entrepreneurs. If you are looking to apply your entrepreneurship skills in a new country, then few destinations are better than Canada, and the best way for you to do so would be through the Federal Entrepreneur Program!

What is this Program about?

The Federal Entrepreneur Program is for experienced entrepreneurs who are looking to own and actively manage their own business in Canada. This immigration program aims to integrate your entrepreneurship skills with the growth of the community by creating new jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Moreover, not only can you help contribute to the growth of Canada’s economy, but you can gain permanent residence in Canada as well – along with your family members!

Great! How do I qualify to be eligible?

In order to be deemed eligible to apply for Canadian permanent residency through the Federal Entrepreneur Program, you must:

  • Have a minimum net worth of $300,000 CAD, which must be legally obtained.
  • Have sufficient business experience –previously owning and managing a qualified business is enough to qualify.
  • Have medical and security clearances, along with your family members.
  • Intend to live anywhere in Canada except for Quebec.

Everything checks out! How do I apply?

If you are ready to apply for the Federal Entrepreneur Program, head over to Mentors’! We are immigration specialists to Canada with experience of almost two decades! Our highly qualified and friendly team of immigration consultants and agents will guide you every step of the way, and prepare an irrefutable visa application for you! Contact us today, and get started on taking your entrepreneurship skills to Canada!

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