General Information

Ø  Intakes in September, February, and June

Ø  Required for Admission:

o   Transcript for 2 years

o   Vaccination card

o   Letter of Recommendation from the school principal

o   Potential Skype Interview to assess language skills

The Process

Ø  Collect information via our data sheet

Ø  Collect a consent form from 2Ø  Collect a consent form from and parent

Ø  2nd parent (one staying behind) provides a sponsorship declaration for tuition and costs incurred

Ø  Client chooses ‘Custodian’ or Mentors’ finds a Custodian on client’s behalf (Cost $1000/year approx.)

Ø  We process one study permit plus a visitor visa for one parent. Later we process a study permit for parents.

Ø  Child pays tuition and studies full time.

Ø  Accompanying parents apply for a study permit (must have necessary documents WES, IELTS, etc.)

Ø  Parent becomes a full-time student. The child does not need a study permit for year 2 onwards.

Ø  Parent is eligible for PGWP

Ø  Parent works for 1 year to qualify for CEC

Ø  Total immigration pathway from a day of arrival: 2.5 to 3 years

Ø  Cost: $18k CAD approx annually for tuition not including living expenses

Custodian Responsibilities (Example)

Each International Student is required to have a Custodian who makes sure the student receives care and support when needed, including in times of emergency.  As required by Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada, the Custodian must be 19 years or older and be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada.

The Custodian must live in Waterloo Region. All elementary students must provide custodian documents even if a parent will be staying with the student.

Custodian responsibilities:

  • Assist the student with arrival:
    • Attend the admission intake meeting with the International Admissions Office
    • Attend the assessment appointment with the WRDSB Welcome Centre
    • Accompany the student to the school for registration and sign the registration forms

During the school year:

    • Serve as the official contact for the school in educational or behavioral matters
    • Provide consent as needed by the school for academic programs and activities
    • Attend parent-teacher interviews
    • Send a copy of the report card to the student’s parents
    • Communicate with the student’s parents
  • When needed:
    • Advise parents immediately of any school issues that present a problem or concern
    • Assist the student in finding medical care and the submission of medical insurance claims
  • If the student is returning:
    • Assist with the renewal process for the next school year
  • Keep WRDSB International Admissions Office up-to-date:
    • Notify International Admissions before leaving the country to ensure the student will have local support during this time
    • Notify International Admissions if custodian information changes (address, custodian, etc.)